Speaker Cabinets for Musicians


Based in science and excution

The basic science we apply has been known for decades. But all the books and spread sheets in the world are no good unless the execution is flawless. So we take the best ideas available and really sweat the small stuff in design and construction. For example we manufacture and assemble our own proprietary crossovers in-house for maximum fidelity. We spend hours bracing and insulating every cabinet to eliminate sound-destroying resonances. And we have our drivers made and modified to our exacting specifications. It all makes a difference. One you can hear.

Innovation: a constant

Our new Low B-212 is just one case in point. In designing a smallish, relatively light enclosure capable of super high volumes (and with the same sonic signature of our other speakers) neodymium magnets and lighter weight cabinetry were the knee-jerk answer, but created the problem of resonance control. Bucking tradition, we went with back-to-back woofers which allowed us to build an easy-to-lift cab with far less sound-eating vibration while keeping voice coils cooler for reliability at high SPLs. Helping the drummer to hear the bass far better on stage was just a bonus.

Full range, natural sound

With our unique designs and attention to detail, there is no reason to give up highs in order to reproduce lows. Or to surrender nuance for the sake of volume. Or to have your sound homogenized and downgraded to the lowest common denominator so you are virtually unrecognizable from every other sound out there. Acme speakers deliver flat, full-range response across the spectrum. Just as importantly, they are as subtle or full throated as you need them to be, reproducing both whispers and roars. Ultimately, Acme cabs let you sound like you, only louder.

Portability without compromise

There is no question that mass, used in the right way, can be the audio designer’s friend. But the relationship is a less benign one with any musician who gigs regularly and doesn’t have a crew of roadies. Carrying more pounds than are absolutely necessary is hard on the back and hands, not to mention the car. We’ve been there and we get it. So we build our cabinets as small and light as possible without compromising sonic range, fidelity, or volume. No, we don’t cut corners and all the extra effort costs a lot more. But we know you’ll agree it’s worth it.

A risk-free choice. Now and then.

We sell direct. We also know that buying equipment without trying it first is difficult at best. So we do what the big box stores do: we let you try our cabs on your premises before you decide to keep them. If, after two weeks, you have buyer’s remorse, simply return what you bought in the same condition you got it. Based on our experience over 20 years, you will love your Acme product and want to hang on to it for the long term, at which time our 10-year warranty (see details) will kick in protecting your investment for many, many successful gigs down the road.

The economies of buying direct

Here’s the reality. While making money isn’t our prime objective, we can’t defy the laws of economics and pay the rent. We also put more time and money into our products than the competition. With all this in mind, we decided to sell direct, passing on the retail markup (which can be 40 percent or more) to our customers. You will also note that we don’t spend a lot of money on advertising because (a) we have been able depend on word-of-mouth recommendations over the years and (b) the cost of promotion and paid celebrity endorsements is ultimately passed on to the buyer, namely you.

Choosing a product

Acme enclosures are designed to produce wide range, low coloration sound with extended lows. Making a choice involves assessing your volume requirements, space and weight limitations, and range of instruments/sounds to be reproduced. Note that product selection is subjective and there are no absolute rules. We provide the Product Comparison Chart solely as an assist, based on our experience assisting musicians to pick what’s most appropriate.

If you still have questions after consulting the chart, feel free to email or to call us at 800-226-3583 to talk about your needs and how we can meet them.

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