Speaker Cabinets for Musicians


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Low B-212 Impulse Compensated

Because of the back-to-back orientation of the woofers, the cabinet is inherently stable, and needn’t be anchored to the floor with a massive object on top, as with conventional loudspeakers.

The system is minimally affected by a wall in close proximity.  Tests have shown that a driver in the back isn’t as prone to the effects of a close wall as are parts.

Also, keep in the mind the needs of your drummer, who will likely be able to hear you much better than they could when you were using a conventional speaker.

Experience has shown that musicians “in the field” will often adjust their positioning and placement to their circumstances.  There is every reason to expect this to be true with this unconventional 212 model as well if not more so.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t be afraid to be flexible.  Please feel free to tell us about your placement, impressions, and experiences with us so that we can share your knowledge with your fellow bass players.


Model: Acme Low B-212 Series III
Frequency response: 31 Hz to 22 kHz room dependent
Power Handling: 1200 Watts RMS continuous
Recommended Power: 1200-2000 watts
1000 Watts sine wave @ 30.87 Hz
Sensitivity: 94 dB 1W/1M
Impedance: Available in 8 and 4 ohms
Dimensions: 26.5″H x 23″W x 16.5″D
Weight: 61 lbs./27.7 Kg



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