Speaker Cabinets for Musicians
Introducing the Series III Models


Full-range, uncolored loudspeakers for musicians.

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Choosing a Speaker Cabinet

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Acme enclosures are designed to produce wide range, low coloration sound with extended lows. Making a choice involves assessing your volume requirements, space and weight limitations, and range of instruments/sounds to be reproduced. Note that product selection is subjective and there are no absolute rules.

We provide the Product Comparison Chart (below) solely as an assist, based on our experience assisting musicians to pick what’s most appropriate.

If you still have questions after consulting the chart, feel free to call us to talk about your needs and how we can meet them.


All Acme systems are protected by a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

This means that, for the initial decade of ownership, we will repair or replace (at our choice) any product which fails to perform up to our high standards because of defects in parts or workmanship. We’ll treat you as we would like to be treated and you are responsible only for return shipping.

Not covered by our warranty are finish dings or problems caused by improper use, including overstressing loudspeakers. We can offer this warranty because our gear is built to last.

ACME Sound Series III Models Comparison Chart

ACME Sound Series III Speaker Cabinet Comparison Chart

Ordering Without Risk

We realize that it is impossible to assess what a cabinet will do without trying it. And since Acme products are not offered in stores, we make them available on a two-week trial basis. Here’s how it works. First, you order and pay for the item plus shipping upfront. You then have two weeks to audition when your gear is delivered.


If, for any reason, you don’t want to keep what you’ve purchased, simply ship it back to us in the same condition you received it. Your only exposure is the cost of return shipping. And we get very few cabs returned.

The Low B-212 Speaker Cabinet


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