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Audio Magazine Equipment Directories

I copied these pages from the original issues of Audio many years ago, using a so-called "copying machine." They have been stored in a notebook for decades.

Because the job was so time-consuming at that time, I only copied the pages which showed equipment I might conceivably have been interested in. These are not the complete issues, to be sure, but they still show an enormous amount of great equipment, and represent a fabulous resource for anybody interested in older audio equipment.

I don't know where else this information might be available, and I hope the people who did all the work amassing it don't mind my reproducing it here, but it's too important to be lost to the dustbin of history.

Some of these are rather large files. Please be patient as they load.


August 1961

August 1962

August 1963

August 1964

August 1965

August 1966

August 1967

August 1968

August 1969

August 1970

August 1971

September 1972

September 1973

October 1974

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