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Loudspeaker Design. Without giving too much away, I share some of my methodology; how and why I design speakers the way I do.

Published Articles (now in pdf format)

Andy Lewis on Horns. Just goofing off, for anybody interested in a little history of, horn-loaded loudspeakers. Contains some information on practical applications for horns, and some historical background. HTML only.

An explanation of the (un)importance of port placement. The proper operation of a ported enclosure is very difficult to understand, and hard to explain. This was my best attempt. I had a guy call me up and yell at me about how nonsensical this explanation is. It's the best I can do. I didn't "get it" myself, until I saw a diagram written by G. L. Augspurger (see archives/magazine articles). Unfortunately, I lost that magazine years ago, and haven't posted the drawing. I might have to redraw it for myself. (Secret: I know some really smart, and experienced people who don't understand how a port's output can be precisely in phase with the woofer.)