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Links to inspiration, friends, and other cool stuff.

Special Links

Who is Collin Lewis, and Why is He On This Website?

Timeless Engineering

Lockheed Vega

The first airplane with stressed surfaces, designed by Jack Northrup.

McDonnel Douglas DC3
In many ways, still state of the art 70 years later.

Browning Model 1911 Pistol
I wish that great American inventor John Browning had built a few speakers.
They might have been state-of -the-art for 50 years, just as some of his shooting machines were.

Of interest to Bass Players

Harmony Central
Huge online resource for musicians

Matt Schmill’s Homepage
Lots of interesting stuff. Includes

review of Low B-2 submitted by a customer.

Bassics Magazine

Bass Player Magazine

Bass Frontiers Magazine

The Official Carole Kaye Homepage
The legendary bassist shares. A fascinating website, of particular interest to Beach Boys fans
(Not to imply any endorsement of Acme products by Ms. Kaye…).

Acme Customers' and Friends' Websites

“A” Basses.
Albey makes an instrument good enough for Darryl Jones… And maybe for you.
Great customer service oriented server. Their marketing director was our first customer from the United Kingdom.

The Band Leader
Fully integrated bookkeeping and management software system for bands, and entertainers. Easily keeps your finances and website schedules organized and up to date. For Windows XP\2000\Me\98\95\NT

Bergantino Audio
I haven't heard Jim Bergantino's products, but I know him to be a smart, nice guy, who like myself, sees loudspeaker design as more as a science than an art.

Acoustic Image
I have always found Rick Jones to be a good guy. I am honored to have Acoustic Image as a an Acme customer. My customers like the Acoustic Image equipment.

Speaker Building

Madisound Homepage.
For those of you who want to undertake a home speaker project, I regret that I do not have the time to help you with recommendations or design tips — don’t despair — good help is available. The folks at Madisound have an incredible variety of raw speakers available, and the expertise to help you use them.