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I've written a lot of stuff over the years on the science of loudspeaker design. When Bass Player magazine gave our speakers such a wonderful review in 1996, I sort of had to re-prioritize. All of a sudden the business became very busy, a good thing, and shortly thereafter I became involved in disability issues, so writing about speaker design necessarily took a back seat to more important considerations.

I have other stuff I hope to get done, including an in-depth look at energy losses, and a complete breakdown of the sinusoidal relationships describing the production of "Back EMF" around resonance, and the phase changes associated with same. I invested a great deal of time in each of these projects years ago, only to have then languish on my hard drive unfinished. The science is done- the writing is not. (And here I am working on this stupid website...)

But this is all I can post now. We'll see how much I can get done. I really do have more stuff to offer.

If you're interested, you can always look at some of the other stuff in the Science section, and if you really want to take the day off, spend some time in the Magazine Archives.

If you read anything I've written, you'll that I believe in extensive measurements, because they inform you as to why you hear what you hear. You can't make a lousdpeaker work right if you don't know why it's working wrong- so to speak.

Should You Download Your Woofer?
by Andy Lewis

As Published in Speaker Builder magazine, 6/96.

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A Simple Phase Tester
by Andy Lewis

As Published in Speaker Builder magazine, 8/96.

It works. It's possible to discern the phase between two drivers at any frequency.

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