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Well Mr. Lewis.....

I thought it about time I gave you an update on my state of contentment concerning the speaker cabinets that I purchased from you. I'm the guy 90 miles north of where your brother lives in Red Deer. You know, the place with the "Big Mall".

I received the speakers a couple o'weeks ago and despite the “fragile” stickers on every side of the cartons...Fed Ex still managed to puncture both boxes but luckily the offending object(s) were stopped by the speaker grills in both cases. Upon closer inspection (and believe me I looked close) no damage was found with either cabinet.

Now to the speakers themselves: I dig these babies.They're Fat,Phat and all o'that!!!I spent a weekend A/B ing them with my SWR 6x10 (I wanted a conclusive comparison in case I had to ship these back south to you) and even before they had completely broken in,I   decided to sell my SWR cabinet. These have acheived what I had hoped. Two small,stand alone cabinets,that when teamed up,can take on just about any 4x10 (and many 6x10's) on the planet and meet or exceed them in both sound quality and shear output! In all honesty though,I have yet to put them to the ultimate test and that is to use them live. So far they haven't left my basement but I can't see why,in a live situation they would suddenly display inferior qualities?!?!

I must express one gripe however. It's with the covers that I purchased but its not with the quality of them,in fact I think that's very high. I guess it's with the design. Presently....the cover does it's job very nicely on 5 sides of the cabinet always leaving 1 side exposed to the elements, etc. My first thought (and even before seeing the covers) was that instead of the velcro strap there should be a flap of the same cover material fastening in a similar fashion. I must say that I did feel a little let down in that dept.The covers are not cheap,yet they do not "cover all". A well designed speaker should have a well designed cover. It's relatively high cost would then be justified!

Other than that...I'm happy and expect to get 'em out there playin' live real soon. I'll let you know what I think about them then.


PS- I have yet to dig up (but will) that info I wanted to send you concerning "bass transition" and "2 and 1/2 way" speaker design.


Hi Derrick,.

Thanks for the note.

Glad you like the cabs.

I plead "no-contest" on the covers. I stock them as a convenience for my customers, and make roughly nothing on them. Most people love them, I do my best to represent everything we do here as honestly as I can, and hope to make people smile.

Yes, I'd be interested in the info you refer to. I'll be putting sections on "FAQ" and "Science" on my website soon.



Note from Tuki Covers, 2/22/2010:

Regarding the complaint about the 5-sided cover; we do offer an optional
bottom flap which covers the 6th side. But it's a strange comment, because
most covers are and have always been open on the bottom.
But you can offer that option to a customer if it comes up (it's a $35.00
option (padded) because of the cost of materials and labor to add it to
the cover - usually done on padded covers only)

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