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Can You Buy the Special Acme Woofer Off-the-Shelf?

We use a custom made Eminence woofer in our Low-B systems. We don't sell the woofers separately, and we demand the return of the blown ones when we ship replacements.

Some people have assumed that this is the woofer known as the Eminence Legend model# BP102, which looks a lot like the custom woofer we use.

When Eminence sent me their CD catalog last year, I was alarmed to see such a similar looking woofer being made available to the public. Not only was I assured by Eminence that this was not the case, but I have since had an opportunity to hold the BP102 in my hand, and examine it, at the NAMM show in Austin last summer.

I can assure you the BP102 has a different cone, a different magnet structure, and probably a different voice coil. I didn't take it apart. I have no doubt that the BP102 is a good woofer, but it's different.

Despite some outward physical similarities, the Acme woofer and the Eminence BP102 are very different woofers. Anyone saying otherwise is either ignorant or dishonest, or both.

Any response curve based on a BP102 will not be at all indicative of the performance of a genuine Acme Low-B unit.

Don't believe everything you see on the internet. If you want an Acme Low-B system, there's only one place to get it. And unfortunately, you can't buy the woofers to make it yourself.

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