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Old Acme Literature

Early Promo and Literature:

I designed the original Low B-2 using an Apple IIGS, and modeling enclosures using Appleworks spreadsheets. The IIGS had a clock speed of 2 mHz, and I could watch it make the calculations line by line, but it performed all the calulations correctly.

After completing the design of the original Low B-2 2x10 system, I had no idea how to promote or sell them.

I attempted to produce promotional literature using the same equipment. This was before the B-4 4x10 model was available. Interesting for fossil hunters.

The graphics I produced reflect the primative equipment with which I was working.

I produced some silly attention-getters, the Acme Cronicles, which I used to attempt to get attention, and a simple flyer, which was used to convey basic information. 

Acme Chronicle July '96

Acme Chronicle September '96

Acme Chronicle Later September '96

Ancient B-2 Flyer 1996

Later on came a prettier version of the essential Acme Flyer, including the new Low B-4 4x10 model, which I believe helped catch the attention of Scott Malandrone, who wrote the original rave review of the loudspeaker in the 11/96 issue of Bass Player.

Flyer B-2 and B-4

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