Recent Developments: rev 4/15/00

In early 1999 we will be introducing the Low B-1 model 1x10" models. It will compete directly with a noted 1x10" unit costing much more (I won't say which one.)

Scott Malandrone, of  "Bass Player," has requested a sample for a review. When I have an idea when it will appear, I will let you know on this page. P.J. LaMariana of "Bass Frontiers" has asked for a sample, and we'll get him one as soon as possible.

The new Low B-2W and B-4W models are now available. They allow bassists who love the midrange character of their current cabinets to improve the quality of their low bass without drastically changing their sound. Click Here for details.

Both the B-2 and the B-4 are available in either 4 or 8 ohms. The prices for the new alternate-impedance units are the same as for the traditional ones.

We now stock Tuki fabric covers for both the Low B-2 and Low B-4. They are available in both standard and padded models. See Price Information.

The Low B-2 model is now available with a recessed receptacle for mounting on a standard tripod speaker stand. Recommended for those using two units for PA.

Next, by popular demand, I've decided to offer the option of converting your cabinets to the alternate impedance. Some people simply change their minds, or their amplifiers.

Charges for converting cabinets to alternate impedance: Low B-2, $170. Low B-4, $280. Customer pays all shipping charges.

The January, 1999 issue of "Bass Player" magazine has included our Low B-2 system as one of the "10 Most Important Gear Ideas of the '90's."

David Gross, of "Bass Frontiers" accepted a B-2 unit in July, 1997, promising to publish a review in an upcoming issue. I hope he enjoyed it. Also, "Bass Player" published a "Bass Player Ultimate Equipment Guide" in November, 1997 featuring a "shootout" between various 2x10 models. The B-2 was included, tied for the top score with a much more expensive cabinet, and is actually on the cover!

As of 10/15/97, we are accepting credit cards in addition to checks and money orders.  

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