Short Introduction: rev 4/15/00
Acme Sound was founded in 1992 for the purpose of offering the best bass guitar speakers that money can buy. Our Low B-2 and Low B-4 systems are compact, high output, low coloration speakers designed to offer five-string bassists a new level of deep-bass performance from small enclosures. Four-string players can benefit from the low coloration as well. Primarily aimed at the bassist, they are also great keyboard speakers, and have found acceptance in PA systems too.

Our method of doing business, through factory direct sales, has still allowed the units to be priced competitively. DON'T LET THE MODEST PRICES FOOL YOU! These speakers aren't intended as a "low-cost alternative" to the speakers you've seen on MTV. They are, in fact, more expensive in terms of both parts and labor than SWR, Trace Elliot, Hartke, Peavey, Ampeg, Eden, etc. Our satisfied customers include former users of all these, and other top brands.

Look for Jon Evans on tour currently with Tori Amos and his Acme Low B-4 box. I was told that he showed up on the "Tonight Show" with it, but I didn't see the show. She has appearances upcoming on Letterman and Conan, so maybe I'll get to see.

We were happy to see Low B-4 speaker was shown for the first time (to my knowledge) on national TV last year, in the hands of Mark Browne, playing with top ten artist Paula Cole. Sort of a milestone, I suppose. He was nice enough to invite my family and me to the "Lilith Fair" show in Winter Park, Colorado, where two of the six bassists that day were playing Acme Boxes! The other bassist was Aaron Sampson, with Leah Andreoni. Mark is currently touring with his Acme speaker and Melissa Etheridge.

Perhaps you've heard of the Low B boxes, but haven't had a chance to hear them. It's obviously difficult to convey the character of any loudspeaker via the web, phone or mail. Of course this is the drawback of selling the speakers direct, as opposed to using a network of distributors and retailers. I hope you can gain a sense of what we're trying to accomplish sonically with these Acme boxes as you look over this website.

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