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Low B-2 and Low B-4

from Acme Sound Ltd offer
A New Standard
of Performance
for the
Five-String Bass

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Thousands of hours of computer aided design, and on-stage and laboratory testing have produced powerful new tools for the expression of the bassist's art.

No longer will you forsake your lowest half-octave for the convenience of a compact speaker. Nor will you need to carry a second, larger, cabinet to produce low frequency fundamentals that you can FEEL as well as hear.

If you play five strings, you can now fully realize the potential of your instrument, with a speaker that can reproduce your lowest notes with incredible speed and tremendous power handling. Audition the Low B-2 and Low B-4 systems, and hear the best that current technology can produce.

Here's why the Low B-2 and Low B-4 systems will improve your sound:

* The 10" bass drivers in the Low B-2 and Low B-4 have a lower resonance, longer voice coil, and longer excursion (travel) than any other speakers of their type. The result is better cone control and lower distortion at low frequencies. The voice coil is wound on a high-temp Kapton former. The rigid cone ensures piston operation at low frequencies, necessary for accurate Thiele-Small modeling.

* Computer aided Thiele-Small analysis. This powerful technology is harnessed to its fullest potential, to provide unprecedented levels of low-distortion, low-frequency output for systems the size of the Low B-2 and Low B-4.

* The use of our special bass speaker is made possible by a high-output 5" midrange driver. For adequate midrange, and at the expense of low bass, other systems rely on exotic metal or non-rigid "curvilinear" woofer cones. The result is higher distortion levels in both the bass and mid bands. The cone midranges in the Low B-2 and Low B-4, however, provide superior smoothness and lower distortion without sacrificing "punch" or clarity. The midrange system can handle over 100 watts, and the attenuator allows total flexibility and control.

* Stressed Panel construction. Borrowing from aircraft technology, every high-grade birch plywood panel in the Low B-2 and Low B-4 boxes is individually stressed to hundreds of pounds of tension. This meticulous and costly procedure increases the strength-to-weight ratio, and provides the non-resonance of conventional enclosures weighing much more.

* Ferrofluid cooled shallow horn tweeter, with separate attenuator makes the Low B-2 and Low B-4 full range systems, and they are excellent for keyboards. They have been successfully used for public address as well.

* Military grade circuit board, solid copper buss wiring, high voltage crossover components, premium quality input jacks, and all soldered connections ensure first-rate electrical integrity and years of trouble free service.

* Minimum signature contoured port openings and airtight input jacks eliminate audible "fluttering" noise at low frequencies.

* Heavy gauge foam damped metal grille mounted with rubberized washers to eliminate all screen noise.

* Durable black carpet covering and metal edges enable the Low B-2 and Low B-4 to look good onstage and stay attractive for years.

* Standard stacking corners provide flexibility for use in multiple systems.


Frequency response: +/-3 dB 41Hz to 22 kHz -6 dB at 31 Hz

Power Handling: Low B-2: 350 watts RMS continuous 300 watts sine wave @ 30.87 Hz
                          Low B-4: 700 watts RMS continuous 600 watts sine wave @ 30.87 Hz

Sensitivity:          Low B-2: 93 dB 1W/1M
                          Low B-4: 96 dB 1W/1M

Impedance:        Low B-2: Available in 4 or 8 ohms
                          Low B-4:Available in 4 or 8 ohms

Dimensions:        Low B-2: 23"H x 15.75"W x 16.5"D
                          Low B-4: 26.5"H x 23"W x 16.5"D

Weight:              Low B-2: 49 lbs.
                         Low B-4: 76 lbs.


Acme Sound Ltd warrants the Acme Low B-2 and Low B-4 systems to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of TWO YEARS from date of purchase. This warranty includes cost of any covered repairs and shipping one way. Warranty not to cover repairs necessary as a result of abuse. Warranty voided by any attempt to modify, improve, or reverse engineer the speaker.

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