Here are the names of a few customers. Some names are links which allow you to view this person's unsolicited comments about their Acme Low B systems. In some cases, it'll indicate who the customer plays with.

Several customers have provided URLs to their own websites. This page can be used as a place to share them with others. I'm hoping that as time goes by, more friends and customers will participate, if for no other reason than to make the website more entertaining!

Making this material available on the site is rather time consuming, and this link-fest will be upgraded on a continual basis, time permitting.

This page revised 1/17/98.

Bill Armstrong (text), Hunt Valley, Maryland
Albey Balgochian (text), "A" Basses", Waltham, Mass
Steve Beskrone (text), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, "Pat Martino Group"
Patrick Brand (text), Springfield, Oregon
Lindsey Brown, Wheatridge, Colorado
Geir Breivik (text), Norway
Mark Browne (text), Los Angeles California. Touring with top ten artists Paula Cole and Melissa Etheridge
Jon Boone (text), Carson City, Nevada
Mike Childree (text), Columbus, Georgia
Christopher Clarke (scanned), New York, New York
Chris DeMeyer (scanned), South Africa Navy Band, Simonstown, South Africa
Mike Drabkin (text), Santa Clara, California
Michael Furlong (text), Santa Banana, California. "Nat'l Organization of Nose Pickers"
Laurie Hatch (text), Mt. Hamilton, California
Keith Hiraoka (text), Honolulu, Hawaii
Joe Hunter
(scanned), Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Edwin Hurwitz (link to Edwin's site) Boulder, Colorado
Ron Jarvis (text), Kent, Ohio
Vance Keever (text), Honolulu, Hawaii
Jeff King (text), Lexington Kentucky. "Reed Kings" band
Michael Kobb (text), Belmont California
Larry Leidecker (scanned), Irvine, Pennsylvania
Jim Logan (scanned), Syracuse, New York
Brian London (text), Westwood, Mass
Glenn Marrazzo (text), Langhorne, Pennsylvania
Mark Mayfield (scanned), Oxford Ohio
Lancelot McGough (text), Jacksonville, Florida
Lance Mericle
(text), Annandale, Virginia
Michael O'Brien (text), Cotati, California
Adam Roessler (text), Olympia, Washington
Dan Rogers (scanned), Modesto, California
Rich Sallee, Denver Colorado "Images"
Randy Speilvogel (text), Modesto, California
Jeffrey Steelman (text), Melbourne, Kentucky
Mark Stein (link to site), Fort Wayne, Indiana
David Tarantolo (scanned), New Orleans, Louisiana

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